Practical magic tip

We all live super busy lives. While I do enjoy an in-depth spell, ceremony, or a novena we don't all have time for it everyday. So I'm going to do a section on hoodoo and witchy tips and tricks to make your work more organized and practical.  These are just things I do to make my life better.

Todays tip comes from your local hardware store or anyone that cuts keys. The idea came when I need to get a spare set of keys made to my place. To be honest when I saw the key selection I make fun of the cheesy kitchy choices. There were keys decorated with  Hello kitty, palm trees, guns, hardware tool, Buddha etc. I turned to the key cutter and said"Whatever happened to just plain keys?" Then I realize the magic I could incorporate in this kitch!!! The man was just about ready to cut a plain key for me and to his surprise I quickly said "I think Im going to pick out my keys. I changed my mind"

I chose two of the the most obnoxiously sized keys. I picked a Budha for the front door to my apartment and a very large dollar sign for the door to my apartment. The premise is I want to open the doors with a specific everyday intent. I live in the city in Germantown so I want peace to come into my apartment building for me and all the tenants so we can have a happy and peaceful home life. The second manifestation that I want to occur is financial prosperity to alway flow into my house for me. This is why I chose the money key.

I personally dressed the Money key with a Prosperity sachet powder from Lucky Mojo and the Buddha with Peaceful home oil I get from St Lazarus Botanical in Northeast Philly.

Whatever your tradition, Spirituality, or religion is you can apply the same premise with the the keys.

fullsizeoutput_357Legal Disclaimer-All items I chose to use or promote are sold as curios only and in no way do I guarantee successful outcomes. I do not claim to treat or cure any illness or condition. Nor do I offer my advice/experiences or workings as a substitute for proper legal, medical, or financial advice. I use and endorse the tools of magic only, not the outcome. The intent and working are up to you!

All magical knowledge I have obtained are from books and teachers and will be sited whenever possible.
All opinions and workings are that of the blog writer( me)and not the opinion of other people or their products sited here!



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